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Explore Incredible Tour Packages, Group Tour, Trekking, International tour Package with Capture A Trip. We offer best travel itineraries for your perfect journey


Capture a Trip is a travel agency that offers tour packages, group tours, trekking, and international tour packages. The website is built using NextJS, TailwindCSS, and Typescript. The website is available in English and Arabic.

Here i Contributed as Software Developer and worked as Fullstack Developer. I have worked on the Frontend and Backend of the website. From Redesigning the website to implementing new features, i have worked on all aspects of the website.

Features Some of the Great Achievements are:

  • Worked on SEO Optimization - I have worked on optimizing the website for search engines. Closely Worked with the SEO team to improve the website's ranking on search engines. With Over 80k argv. Monthly Visitors the website is ranking on the first page of google for many keywords.

  • Implemented Strapi CMS - Shifted Wordpress to Strapi CMS for Easily Managing Website Content Real-time. Strapi is a headless CMS that allows us to manage the website content easily. With Strapi, we can easily manage the website content without any technical knowledge.

  • Framer Motion for Animations - Implemented Framer Motion for adding animations to the website. Framer Motion is a production-ready motion library for React. With Framer Motion, we can easily add animations to the website and make it more interactive.

  • Implemented Blogs Section - Implemented a blogs section on the website. The blogs section allows users to read the latest blogs related to travel. With the blogs section, users can get information about different travel destinations and plan their trip accordingly.

  • Implemented Contact Form - Implemented a contact form on the website. The contact form allows users to contact the website admin for any queries related to travel. With the contact form, users can easily get in touch with the website admin and admins get's Email Notification for every query, which helps in providing quick support to the users.


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Note to the reader

This project is under NDA, so I can't share the source code. If you have any queries related to the project, feel free to contact me.




Need more project details, have any doubts in mind, or interested in working together? Reach out to me directly at yash17godara@gmail.com. I'd be happy to connect and talk!

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