Hello World,

I'm Yash (@y17godara) Godara

A Undergrad Computer Science Student from India. I am a self-taught developer who loves to code and explore new technologies.

With over a year of hands-on experience in coding. I have worked on various small personal projects ranging from html websites to full stack.

While actively working on personal projects, I am concurrently dedicated to expanding my skill set by delving into new technologies. This balanced approach allows me to apply my knowledge practically and ensures a continual learning process.

Additionally, I love to read tech Blogs, watch movies and series, listen to music and sometimes read books.

In addition to my passion for coding and technology, I find immense joy in sharing my knowledge with those around me. I believe in the power of knowledge sharing, and I make it a point to share what I learn in my day-to-day life with my friends, family, and peers.I always enjoy contributing to a culture of learning. There's something fulfilling about seeing others benefit from the knowledge I share, and it motivates me to continue my journey as a lifelong learner and educator.

I also love to travel and explore new places and I am a big fan of nature. When I am not on my desk, I am either spending time with my family or travelling.


I have been coding for more than year now and I have worked on various personal projects . I believe in project based learning and I have learned a lot of things from my various projects.

  • Remote, India

    May 2024 - Present

    Software Developer at Desh Videsh Travels

    Managing and Developing the Desh Videsh Travels Website and Internal Tools, from Optimizating SEO, AWS, to Developing new features and fixing bugs.

    Developed and Redesigned the Website from Scratch.

  • Haryana, India

    Feb 2024 - May 2024

    Junior Software Developer at Capture A Trip Pvt. Ltd.

    Role as a Junior, but i contributed as a Fullstack Software Developer, from Choosing the Trending Technologies, to Developing new Features and Fixing bugs.

    Worked with Cross-Functional Teams, from Designers, Developers, Operations, to Marketing Team.

    Designed and Developed New Featured Website in Next.js TypeScript and TailwindCSS for Styling.

  • Remote, WFA

    May 2022 - Present

    FullStack Developer at Freelancer

    Contributing as Fullstack Developer, building side projects and learning new technologies.

    Creating Side Projects and Learning new Technologies.


I am currently pursuing my Bachelors of Computer Applications from Amity University, Noida. I am currently in my first semester.

  • Graduation

    Bachelors of Computer Applications

    Currently pursuing my Bachelors of Computer Applications from Amity University Online, Noida.

    Majors: Cloud, FullStack, Security




    July 2023 - July 2026


    Noida, India

  • Senior Secondary

    Higher Secondary Education

    Finished my Higher Secondary Education from Heera Public School, Delhi.

    Majors: Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics


    July 2021 - July 2022


    New Delhi, India

  • Secondary

    Secondary Education

    Finished my Secondary Education from Heera Public School, Delhi.

    Majors: Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics


    July 2018 - July 2019


    New Delhi, India


  • FullStack Web Development

    FullStack Cohort at 100xDevs by Harikat Singh

    Completed a 6 month long FullStack Web Development course from 100xDevs by Harikat Singh.

    Majors: React.js, Node.js, Next.js, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, ...

Contact Me

Have a question or want to discuss something? Feel free to email me , or you can also find me on social medias with the handle @y17godara.